Handmade paper and art book workshops

Since the Eskulan workshop – mill was founded in 1980 it has been manufacturing paper for all types of use and artistic applications. Fibres are used of the highest cellulose, cotton, flax and hemp content.

In addition to these fibres other types of raw materials from a long tradition of paper production in Asia have been incorporated. Kozo, gampi, mitsumata, and lokta are fibres used in the production of other specialist paper used in calligraphy, watercolour painting, fondinos, chine-collé printing, binding, collages and restoration etc.

Another recent activity of ESKULAN is the import of the highest-quality paper in the world. We have an extensive range of paper from countries with a long tradition of paper production such as Japan, Bhutan, Nepal, the Philippines and Mexico etc.

Throughout the year we devote time to raising awareness and the teaching of all aspects of
traditional paper production, running practical workshops in the production of paper and art books all over Spain.

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